Hello, friends from afar:

I am Sergio, also known as 三秋十李. I am a user experience designer who has long coveted coding. As a result, I have tried to learn and create this personal website as my own space.

I enjoy exploring new tools, cutting-edge designs, comfortable interactions, the principles behind standards, and all things beautiful.

Like most designers, I also enjoy taking photos. It is the evidence of my existence in this world and a backup of memories. I love an imperfect world full of adventures. You can view some traces of my life here.

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I love this world and I really want to live for hundreds of years. I am truly looking forward to what the future of the world will become.

Information and knowledge only have value when they circulate. I will share some tips, experiences, or life anecdotes on my public account or blog. I will also share some brief information related to design, technology, photography, and lifestyle.

Feel free to find and follow me on the platforms below.